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Labor and Employment Advising

The Law Office of Diana Macias Valdez - Labor and Employment Advising

Ms. Valdez firmly believes in a proactive approach to handling workplace issues. Her practice focuses on providing day-to-day legal counseling on a wide range of employment law-related matters in an effort to reduce the risk of future claims, as well as to assist clients in improving workplace culture and employee morale. Her advising and consulting services include:

- Advising on pre-employment and hiring practices

- Discrimination / harassment prevention

- Assistance with workplace investigations

- Preparation of employee policies and procedures

- Guidance on handling employee leave issues

- Assistance with handling accommodation requests pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act

- Guidance on wage and hour compliance

- Advice on employee discipline and terminations

- Preparation of employee contracts, confidentiality agreements and non-compete agreements

- Preparation and implementation of arbitration policies and procedures

- Human resources consulting, including diagnostic evaluations of human resources practices.

- Assistance with government audits including the Texas Workforce Commission, Department of Labor & Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Employment Litigation

The Law Office of Diana Macias Valdez - Labor and Employment Advising

Ms. Valdez has extensive experience defending employers in employment litigation in El Paso County and the surrounding region. She has successfully defended employers in cases involving sex, age, and race discrimination, workers' compensation retaliation, and breach of contract claims. Her employment litigation services include:

- Representation in administrative hearings before government agencies

- Assistance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Texas Workforce Commission, Civil Rights Division, investigations, including preparation of charge responses and representation during on-site investigations

- Defense of civil actions filed in state and federal court

- Representation in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, including mediation and arbitration

Assist Businesses with Government Audits

The Law Office of Diana Macias Valdez - Labor and Employment Advising
U.S. Department of Labor Audits are on the rise.  The best practice is to be proactive and ensure that if you are audited, no violations will be found and appropriate corrective actions are implemented.  A proactive employer will have up-to-date job descriptions, ensure that employees are properly classified as exempt or non-exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and maintain accurate payroll records.  No employer is too small to be audited, and random audit selections are on the rise.  If you are facing this situation, please contact Ms. Diana Valdez as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.

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